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Cashless Tipping App

It is a finance-based application available on iOS and Android devices which helps you to send or receive money online.

Privacy.   Simplicity.   Security.

Even though most payment transactions today are digital, there are still places where cash is needed. All of us have been in a situation when you are expected to tip with cash. In a bar for example. And here comes an embarrassment. No money or not the right currency in your pocket? TipKing is solving this problem.

At the same time, TipKing offers service professionals an uncomplicated way to accept payments from mobile consumers. The domain of restaurant management and hospitality needs novel approaches like this to become a future-ready profession.

With TipKing you can always give or receive a tip. At least one thing in life is easier now.

Some of the best features

The TipKing team is always on the move. We are already developing new features.

Single Tap Tip

Allows you to tip people with a single tap – without cash and without exchanging personal information like email ID, mobile number or user name.

Easy Feedback

TipKing allows you to send a nice message beside a tip. If you feel like a service, you were given, was good, share that. Who wouldn’t appreciate a great compliment?

Two step payment

Simply scan the QR code on the waiter’s or other service professional mobile phone. 


Our app has been developed by latest security standards. Different types of application security features include authentication, authorization, encryption, logging.

TipKing countries

These are the countries where TipKing is about to solve the issues of tipping.

How to Use TipKing

Find out how to use TipKing for service professional and for tipper

If you are a service professional

  • Allows you to accept payments from your customers.
  • Allows you to manage income from tipping within different periods. All transactions are transparent, and you decide when and how much money you want to take from the TipKing account and when.
  • Allows you to get compliments – you customers can send you a money tips and verbal tips, too.

If you are a tipper

  • Allows you to eliminate awkward, inconvenient, frustrating moments, when you wanted to leave a tip but didn’t have cash.
  • Allows you a simple, fast, and safe way of expressing appreciation for service anytime and anywhere. All you need is your phone.
  • Allows you to give compliments and show that you value a job well done also by sending a nice note.
  • Allows you to support employees who rely on tips to recover earnings and be part of the positive change in the service industry.

Who we are?

TipKing team is agile, flexible, and committed to innovative solutions.

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    Need help with the app?

    If you already have a TipKing app and you’re having an app releated question or problem, please contact us or check our FAQ.