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Cashless Tipping App

It is a finance-based application available on iOS and Android devices which helps you to send or receive money online.

Privacy.   Simplicity.   Security.

Even though most payment transactions today are digital, there are still places where cash is needed. All of us have been in a situation when you are expected to tip with cash. In a bar for example. And here comes an embarrassment. No money or not the right currency in your pocket? TipKing is solving this problem.

At the same time, TipKing offers service professionals an uncomplicated way to accept payments from mobile consumers. The domain of restaurant management and hospitality needs novel approaches like this to become a future-ready profession.

With TipKing you can always give or receive a tip. At least one thing in life is easier now.

Some of the best features

The TipKing team is always on the move. We are already developing new features.

Single Tap Tip

Allows you to tip people with a single tap – without cash and without exchanging personal information like email ID, mobile number or user name.

Easy Feedback

TipKing allows you to send a nice message beside a tip. If you feel like a service, you were given, was good, share that. Who wouldn’t appreciate a great compliment?

Two step payment

Simply scan the QR code on the waiter’s or other service professional mobile phone. 


Our app has been developed by latest security standards. Different types of application security features include authentication, authorization, encryption, logging.

TipKing countries

These are the countries where TipKing is about to solve the issues of tipping.


Nik holds a bachelor’s degree in economics. His career is devoted to the automotive industry, especially in his role as OneLife Rally CEO. His areas of special interest include event management, music, and creative writing. He is an exceptional leader, in the corporate and entrepreneurial world, as well as on the musical stage.   

Nik is a creative, well-organized person, always on the move, passionate about traveling and driving.    

Head of Sales, Gabrijel JOZIĆ

Gabrijel graduated in economics. Fifteen years ago, he co-founded Luxury-Trade GmbH, with headquarters in Zug. The company has created one of the early-stage online fashion stores in Switzerland. He created the first protein ice cream at that time in Switzerland, had a gym fashion protein clothing brand, he is also a co-founder of OneLife Rally.   

Gabrijel’s top attributes are good networking and excellent sales and negotiation skills.   


Maša holds a bachelor’s degree in economics. Since she is part of the family business ATech, Maša has developed a leadership mindset at a very early age. In the role of Human Resource Manager in ATech, she plays a strategic role in a company with more than 20 years of experience in R&D production of electronics.  

She is also a member of OneLife Rally management board, where she combines her unique experience: the tradition of the family business and the innovative spirit of a start-up.   


He holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering. Kerim, who has 10 years of experience in IT industry, is co-founder of Ankora, a product, development & design company. Being a former professional athlete in short track speed skating and athletics himself, Kerim is active as a board member of the most successful football club in Bosnia and Herzegovina, FK Zeljeznicar.  

Privately is Kerim a funny guy who knows how to keep a good atmosphere in the team.  


Nermin, CEO, and co-founder of Ankora, holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering. He has attended MBA at Ivey Business School at Western University and is currently an exam candidate for PMP – a proven track record of 4000+ hours in project management. Nermin has been a project manager on many successful start-ups in various fields, he is a former CEO & co-founder at, smart productivity, and project management software.  

Nermin is a workaholic, with great leadership skills, who enjoys multitasking. 


Nedim is CTO at Ankora and boasts 10 years of experience in the industry. He is focused on building software products and mentoring young developers. Nedim has led tech teams at multiple Silicon Valley start-ups and has been a software architect at multiple EU and US-based companies.    

He used to be a professional dancer and amateur handball player. He is also a decent pool billiards player and a tech gadget geek.  


Dino, Chief Marketing Officer at Ankora, graduated in law. He has 12 years of experience in marketing, PR & event organization. He gained experience working with many local and international start-ups. Dino is a prominent columnist in the field of marketing, tech, and social trends topics. Dino is also co-owner of Mondoco, the travel and event company.  

If Dino is not in the office, he’s probably on a plane and traveling somewhere. 

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